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If I could…. 

If I could have just one more day..I’d spend that day with you.

singing, laughing, and dancing with the rain.

These tears I shed would be of bliss, if I could have just one more day.

I’d wrap my arms around you, and carry all your pain.

Your heart of gold will forever hold a space between my heart and soul.

if I could have just gotten one more day with you I’d give you all my love…

But I couldn’t have that day with you, so instead I feel the pain.

now I think of you in silence, and speak your name out loud.

Now all I have is memories, and your pictures in a frame.

God took you to his glory, so you may rest in peace.

he has you in his safekeeping,

I have you in my heart.

-Zugey Bernardino


20140618-213135-77495124.jpg. “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” ~Coco Chanel


My love for you sits in my heart, glowing so bright, I can almost feel it’s light. I can feel my heart beat faster as your lips touch mine. My hands begin to shake, and suddenly i feel my whole body shaking, desiring more of your warmth. The stars and moon shine brightly when I’m with you, showing off the light that’s in my heart. Your eyes gleam everywhere you go, and your smile lights up the whole world. You’re living proof that angels do exist, in a world full of monsters. You’re MY dream come true, my prince in disguise, the one that makes my days shine, just by knowing that you love me too. Life may not always be on our side, but as long as we’re together, we can win anything thats thrown at us. “People throw rocks at things that shine”, but I want you to know that you don’t have to worry, because my love for you will always remain in my heart. As long as you’re mine, and I’m yours, our love will forever be ours.❤

“I’ll fight your doubt, and give you faith, with this song for you.❤”

-Zugey Bernardino

I remember when you first left, left me, never even writing me a letter, cause like, you left for basic and combat training, when you chose to join the marines..what? Then I found you on fb, and said, I didn’t like the way you left me, you said, I’m really sorry i can’t fix it now.. I said, you should’ve at least tried to call! Ohhhhhhh you texted me the very next day, but ohhhhhh this time, I’m not loving you loving you, weeeeeee were never ever ever meant to be together, weeee were never ever ever meant to be together. You go train with your friends, shoot guns with friends, then text me, but weeeee were never ever ever meant to be together, like EVER! I’m really gonna miss your voice, and me smiling when you would say “I love you” but now you’re with some fashion terrorist that doesn’t even have a sense of style like me! Ohhhh, you texted me again tonight, but ohhhh this time I’m not gonna try getting you back, we, were never ever ever, meant to be together, we were never ever ever meant to be together, you go train with your friends, shoot guns with friends then text me but we were never ever ever meant to be together! Ohhhh, yeah, I used to think that we were forever ever, and I used to say “….. I love you” ughh, so he texts me and asks “so why don’t you text me anymore?” And I’m like “umm, because I stopped loving you a long time ago” Ugh, weeee were never ever never meant to be together. LIKE EVER!

Haha I just thought I’d share my parody of when I was heartbroken by a meaningless, insignificant person. I wrote this like last year, haha I just found it, but I thought I’d share it here first so I can delete it forever and all eternity.:)

In the midst of the night, your blue eyes, look into mine. You smile at me, with your eyes wide open, looking like a lost child. You whisper into my ear, and tell me that you love me. I smile and shyly tell you that “I love you too”. Your lips kiss mine, and I’m infatuated by your warmth. Your hands slowly touch my body, and all I can feel is tingles slipping through my spine. I touch your face, and slowly memorize you. I love it when you smile with that beautiful smile that you have, and your dimples appear by your rosy cheeks. I also love how when you laugh, you lean my way and hug me. I lay there quietly, and I close my eyes, wishing that this moment will last forever…. Because in your arms, I can feel the meaning of forever. -Zugey Bernardino.

A Sad, empty soul.

I am a soul sitting in an empty room filled with sadness all around.. Reminiscing on a past that I can no longer hold. I am a small soul in a world that’s massive. In a world filled with destruction and cruelty. I am a soul that wishes upon stars at night, a soul that sings about love and wishes she was strong. I am a soul that loses sight of things, a soul that more than anything wishes she had a friend by her side. I am a soul that deserves a voice,  a voice to speak, to live, to say “I love you”, I am a soul that wants to have her tears wiped when she cries, and told that she is loved. I am a soul that wishes she found love, a love that will last forever, and ever.. I am a soul that wishes to find her place in a world filled with sorrows. 

Remember that summer?

Remember when we first talked that summer? was a midnight, and you sounded tired, I spoke a gentle “hello” and you asked me who I was. I said my name, and that’s when everything began. You were there for me all summer long, you guided me; the girl with the broken heart, you made me feel beautiful when I felt so insecure. I didn’t mind spending all my summer nights having a conversation with you till 5 a.m. I didn’t mind because I loved you. I didn’t mind you fixing the heart that he had broken. The heart that I learned you would also break soon enough. “I love you” you would say, and I would believe you… now you say, “none of the past matters”, but if you only knew that the past is the only thing that matters to me. I write about you, think about you… cry because of you and feel because of you. I wish we could time travel, so I could’ve never met you. I wish I would’ve hung up the phone that night. I wish I never would have let you have my heart. I wouldn’t be broken shedding tears on the ground. If only I would have pressed “end”, that’s where it would have ended… But I didn’t, and now you don’t even care. I spend my days with a heartache, a heartache that hurts more than being stabbed with a sharp knife. One day, perhaps you’ll understand all the pain I’m feeling… Perhaps someday you’ll care. Perhaps someday you’ll be mine again… I love you, and I swear that this is true. -Zugey Bernardino


It has been a few days since our last conversation, I told you, told you everything, and again I only received disappointment. I felt as a tiny little critter; alone and helpless. You might not know the feeling of heartbreak, but you sure do know how to break a heart that will take a while to mend. “You should move on” you said, those 4 words were enough to break my perfectly good heart… If only we could go back to the times when we said sweet words to each other, too bad that’s impossible…Now all I can feel is a shattered heart filled with dark grey clouds. I wish I never told you, I wish I didn’t care, I wish things would reverse around and it was you feeling all this heartache. You burn inside my heart like fire, and I wish I could put it out… I inhale and exhale, and all I feel is pain, sadness fills my empty room, as a sad melody begins to play. Now I begin to wonder, “is love meant to feel this way?” do you remember our song? Every now and then I go back and listen to the words of a love song that you said was mine, now I begin to understand the words to the music that plays…”Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend” the music continues and I remember all the laughter that we shared, late nights on the phone till  5 a.m. The times when I trusted only you, the times when you were the one I told all my secrets too.. “I know your fears and you know mine, I cannot live without you” back then this was a beautiful thing, but now the words in this song make me angry and sad at the same time, like a bittersweet feeling, except its more bitter than sweet. So now in the words of that singer whose song was ours, “goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend”. You were not the one for me..  

                                                                                         -Zugey Bernardino

This is my life.


“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”
— Audrey Hepburn
What I’m wearing: A|X dress. A|X necklace. Forever 21 jacket. Anne Klein shoes. I added the forever 21 jacket to add a unique yet elegant look to the dress.:)